Winter Cottage Fun

By: Sylvia Smith

Winter Cottage Fun



The cottage is also fun in the winter.  Spending a weekend or week a the cottage in the winter is a great way to get a break from the city and spend some time enjoying the beauty of nature.  Winter at the cottage is quite magical, peaceful, and tons of fun.

Skating on the Lake
cottage lake skating

Nothing compares to skating on the lake.  Of course, make sure that the lake has frozen enough to make it safe, you may want to drill a hole with an auger to confirm that the ice is thick enough to skate on. 
It may take a little effort to clear the snow and prepare the lake to skate on but the effort is well worth it.   Be warned that although the ice maybe 2 feet deep it still may make cracking sounds – so don’t get startled when you hear the cracking of the ice.
There is nothing that compares to skating on the lake in the middle of nature.

 Campfire Warmth

cottage campfire
After skating on the lake nothing compares to a warm campfire down by the rink for warming up cold skaters.  Even when it is -20 the campfire will quite nicely warm you up.  But of course, only one side of you will be warmed up so you will need to rotate yourself to warm up the other side.  Bring out some hot chocolate and some marshmallows to roast too.  Plus great company and laughter make for an unforgettable campfire experience.  How about some campfire karaoke to liven up the party? 

Snowshoeing Adventures

cottage snow shoeing
Snowshoeing gives you the opportunity to discover places that aren’t accessible during the summer months.  Cross the lake or a frozen marsh to explore the other side.  Look out for animal tracks and try to guess where a moose possibly may have slept the night away before.  A spot of blood may possibly identify where an owl swooped down and captured a mouse.  You will be surprised how much wildlife activity there is during the winter months at the cottage.  Many animals do not hibernate over the winter.

Evening Star Gazing

cottage star watching, gazing
Nothing compares to stargazing at the cottage during a clear evening sky.  It is magical both in the summer and winter.  There are times on a clear night when the moon is so bright that you do not need light to see your way outside. Plus the stars bring the sky to life with activity and shooting stars you can literally spend hours watching the sky.  

Indoor Winter Cottage Fun

cottage cozy wood burning fireplace

  1. Games & Cards – the beauty of escaping city life to the cottage is being able to disconnect and that includes our phones.  Spend some evening time playing games with your friends or family.
  2. Fireplace chat – spend some time enjoying hot beverages around the cozy fireplace.
  3. Reading -  spending some quiet time in front of the fireplace enjoying one of those books you have been meaning to read for some time.

Winter at the cottage can be quite enjoyable but of course make sure you take appropriate clothing to stay warm, dry, and cozy.  Cottages are fun year-round and don’t limit your fun to spring, summer, and fall seasons.