8 Signs It Is The House For You

By: Sylvia Smith

8 Signs It Is The House For You


Buying a home is an emotionally charged time. It is completely normal to feel cautious when you are looking for a new home as there is so much to take into consideration. Plus home is a huge long-term investment and you want to make sure you choose the right one. So how are you going to know if you found the right property?

Knowing if you have found the right property can vary by person. Some people walk into the property and know right away, others may need time to think about it and may require a second opinion or validation that they are making the right choice.


Here are 8 ways to know you have found the right property for you:


You Get Excited About Going Inside the House


Part of the excitement of looking at homes is not knowing which home could be the right one. It can be as simple as your instincts tell you it is the house for you the minute you see the house. First impressions sometimes are everything. You drive up and the curb appeal says it all that you anxiously want to see the inside. You walk in and immediately feel at home.


You Feel at Home the Minute You Walk In


The home embraces you the minute you walk in. Within a couple of seconds of entering the home, you feel a sense of comfort and warmth. Does the home invite you to explore? Do you feel a sense of excitement? Do you see yourself living in the home?


Do you Begin to Imagine Where You Will Place Your Furniture?


This may be the right home for you if you start to imagine where you would place your furniture. Can you picture yourself staring out the family room window enjoying a cup of coffee or maybe entertaining family and friends in the beautifully renovated kitchen? Or maybe you see the neighbors outside and they say hi and make you feel welcomed


The Home Checks the Most Important Wants and Needs


The home may not have everything on your want list but it has many of your wants and needs. It has the number of rooms you want and all the space that you need.


You Instantly Feel Like you Don’t Want to Look at Other Homes


All of the other homes you have been looking at you no longer find appealing. If you find yourself comparing other properties to this one and they just don’t compare – this is a sure tell sign.


You Can’t Stop Thinking and Talking About It.


If you can’t stop thinking about the house and telling your friends and family about it. You may have found the one.


You Are Planning to Go Back?


If you just want to go back and look at it again and want to take family or friends to see it. You want to start discussing the offer because you’ve probably found the home for yourself.


Can You Think About It?


Once you have found the right house it may be tempting to sleep on it but in a hot real estate market that can be a big mistake. It is a given that you won’t be the only home buyer looking at the house. Time is of the essence when you find the perfect property. You should probably submit an offer as soon as you can if you like the home and the price is in your price range.


Talk to your real estate agent and get guidance if you are not sure that acting quickly is critical. But do not overlook the basics – make sure that the house fits in with your budget if you have children check out the schools if you need to commute make sure that the commuting options work for you and your family.

A home is a long-term investment – be excited but don’t lose sight of what is important to your family.