COVID-19 Is Forcing Us to Make Our Homes a Priority

By: Sylvia Smith

COVID-19 Is Forcing Us to Make Our Homes a Priority

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A lot has changed in the last while and it will likely not go back to being completely normal any time soon. The time at home has taught us a lot and has forced us to assess what really matters in our lives and to re-assess how we have lived our lives.

Prioritizing our Relationships with our Family and Friends

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The pandemic has forced us to take the time to care for each other and spend more quality time with those closest to us.  It has given us an opportunity to reconnect, understand each other, and an opportunity to work on our personal relationships, let go of past issues, forgive and make new memories and get creative on how we are spending time together.  

Importance of Health and Wellness

 Health and wellness includes our homes

We have all been forced to value our health and wellbeing and hopefully take the time to make our health and wellbeing a priority over the last several months.  We all need to make ourselves a priority; until we are taking care of ourselves we can’t possibly be there for others.  

We live in a world that is “go, go, go”.  We are always under pressure to be productive, to be better, and to compete with our peers and ourselves, and to never take a break while this lifestyle has resulted in having successful careers – it is not sustainable.   We are burning out, we are getting tired and the stress of always being on the go is impacting our health.  

The pandemic has forced us to slow down and enjoy simple and special moments, go for walks and enjoy the simple things in life: like the birds chirping in the morning and the simple beauty that nature has to offer.

Our Homes Have a New Level of Importance


 having a home office is more important than ever, home office

In March when we were all forced into self-isolation in our homes we began to realize how important our homes are to us.  For those of us living in a condo, often without a balcony or terrace we now desperately want to have a house.  It can be small but a backyard and or terrace where you can have a coffee in the morning is now more important than ever before.  

Or for families living in open concept homes, we realized that having everyone home either working or online learning that a little privacy is critical.  

During quarantine, most of us were forced to work from home and many of us realized that we are more productive working from home than from an office.  We are all now giving more attention to the arrangement of a workplace at home and how our homes can accommodate this new requirement.  The pandemic has made us realize that a little nock in our homes for a small desk will not cut it.  It has made us realize that we now need a completely separate room with large windows, blackout curtains, and comfortable furniture and possibly technically equipped and soundproofed. 

It is still early days but we are noticing that many city dwellers are looking outside city centers probably looking for larger homes and a little more privacy in their backyards.  The desire for high-density city living may lose its appeal and society may want to move into homes with open floor plans and a strong outdoor connection. 

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