Why You Should Buy a House in the Fall

By: Sylvia Smith

Why You Should Buy a House in the Fall

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Spring and the summer are usually the most popular times of year for buyers to start their search for that dream home.  As you have most definitely heard the number of homes listed through the months of July and August dramatically declined this year which is very normal even more so this year as buyers and families started to enjoy the summer after being locked down in the spring. But now that we are in September we are starting to see more homes coming on the market.  Here are some reasons to seriously consider selling your home this year.

Less Competition?

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Historically in the fall, we have seen less competition because many families want to be settled into their new homes by September in preparation for the start of the new school year.  As a result, the vast majority of home buyers choose spring and early summer when the weather is a little nicer to begin looking around for their dream home.  Hence come the fall there tends to be fewer buyers looking for homes.  Although this year the housing market will continue to remain a seller's market we are now starting to see increased listings and given that fewer buyers want to move in the winter things should settle down a little.


Your Realtor Has More Time?


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Another benefit of the fall market is since the market cools off a little most realtors aren’t as busy during this time.  A good realtor will always make time to provide their clients with the best possible service, but when there are fewer buyers taking up realtors' time with calls, emails, and viewings it is bound to make it much easier for you.  So realtors tend to be more flexible with their schedules and can focus more time on your wish list and working with a realtor that has more time on their hands just makes the home buying experience easier and more enjoyable.  Here are some tips on picking a realtor to work with.


Sellers Tend To Be More Motivated


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If a home has been on the market through the summer and hasn’t sold they will most definitely be motivated to sell in the fall.   Sellers mos definitely don’t want to change having the sale of their house drag out into the holidays or into the winter months when the market historically slows down dramatically.  Most people are aware that fewer homes sell in the winter months.


 Be In Your New Home By The Holidays


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Buying a home in the fall means that you and your family will have the pleasure of enjoying your new home during the holidays.  Most sellers will be motivated to move prior to the holidays and the colder weather and snow hence there is a good likelihood that will be able to move in by the holidays.


You have most likely heard about the crazy real estate market this year but this fall we will be seeing the market balance off a little with an increase of new homes for sale and a bit of a reduction in buyers actively looking we will most likely see the crazy bidding wars that we saw in the spring market balance off.  We will most likely still see bidding wars (multiple offers on one property) but the number of offers will most likely drop off a little.  Getting a home in this market will still require that you work with a local experienced realtor that has a good handle on the local real estate market and can educate and guide you and get your dream home. 


If you are ready to look for your new home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best real estate agent in Vaughan.  We specialize in residential, recreational, and investment properties, providing exceptional service and a hassle-free experience for those searching for properties in the Greater Toronto Area and cottage country.  Give Sylvia a call today to get started making your real estate dreams come true.