2021 Outdoor Living Trends

By: Sylvia Smith

2021 Outdoor Living Trends


The pandemic has made us all realize that our homes are so critical to our mental and physical health.  As a result, our indoor and outdoor spaces have become much more important in the past year.  Outdoor spaces offer an extension of our interior living space and a safer place to spend time with family and friends during the pandemic.

Now that the weather is warmer we are all thinking about making our outdoor living space more comfortable. So this year's outdoor living trends are all about making our backyards, porches, or even our balconies a part of our everyday living spaces.  Homeowners are all about bringing indoor conveniences outdoors this year more so than any other time in our lives.  That includes leveraging smart technologies, adding multipurpose add-ons and structures that allow us to be outside longer and throughout the year. 

Here are a number of outdoor trends that are most likely here to stay for some time:

Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchens, backyard kitchens

We have all spent more time in our kitchens cooking up meals for our families and as a result, outdoor cooking has become an increasingly popular activity.  

Many homeowners have or are considering adding outdoor kitchens and they go beyond just the grill.  Homeowners are enjoying cooking and eating outdoors a lot more lately and are adding outdoor conveniences such as adding additional cooking elements such as grills and pizza ovens to supplement the interior kitchen.  

Another option is to add independent outdoor kitchens so as not to have to drag everything out of the interior kitchen to prepare an outdoor meal.  These independent kitchens may include food prep space, a sink, storage, refrigerator, and possibly a dishwasher so all the cooking needs are outside.   Of course, the renovation budget and available space will ultimately determine the design of the outdoor kitchen.  

Ultimately it is critical to have a cozy, comfortable space for outdoor eating.

Edible Gardens and Landscaping

garden vegetables, fruits and herbs, backyard gardens and landscaping

We started growing our own vegetables, fruits, and herbs in 2020 and this trend will continue.  

The pandemic made many of us realize we needed a hobby to occupy them during all the time at home or simply the desire to be outdoors more.  

We also became more conscious of the food that they are eating and having an edible garden allows them to grow organic, flavourable, and healthy food.  Homeowners as a result are investing in a variety of container gardens and raised beds and potted herb gardens.  In addition, landscaping also became quite important to calm the mind, play, and exercise.

Structures that Provide Privacy and Protection

backyard structures that provide protection from the sun and rain and privacy

As the desire for increased outdoor activities, so does the need for protection from the rain, sun, and of course privacy.  

Whether is a private space for meditation, yoga, or a space to work from without the sun's glare, a mix of landscaping, hardscaping or even outdoor furniture can provide protection.  There are many creative ways to add privacy, if there is a solid overhead structure you can add outdoor drapery panels that provide privacy but also protection from the sun and rain, or even an umbrella can provide some privacy.  There are other options such as covered patios, screens, pergolas, or adding plants in your landscaping that will create privacy.  

Outdoor Living Rooms

outdoor living rooms, backyard living rooms

Outdoor living spaces are also the new rage.  Creating an outside living room is an amazing way to extend your home's living space, with cozy couches and pillows and blankets, outdoor rugs and fire pits plus outdoor lighting. .  Wi-Fi boosters, outdoor speakers, and conveniently located outdoor electrical outlets are important for people who are working from home and want to have the option of working outside.

Outdoor Technology

outdoor technology

As more and more people integrate their outdoor living spaces into their everyday living they want to be able to work and play outside which means they need to ensure that their Wi-Fi can accommodate the new outdoor living needs.  

Activities such as streaming movies, listening to music, and working from home and can easily be done by adding Wi-Fi boosters.  Most technologies can be seamlessly integrated into outdoor spaces.   The pandemic has increased interest in outdoor living and working spaces and many homeowners have created outdoor theatres and outdoor home office spaces.

There are so many options to making outside living spaces comfortable, peaceful, and enjoyable.