Homeowners Spring Home Maintenance Tips

By: Sylvia Smith

Homeowners Spring Home Maintenance Tips


Come springtime, most of us are eager to throw open the windows and clean out the closets.  But it is equally important to give both the inside and outside of your home a once over to ensure there isn’t any wear and tear or damage. 

Home maintenance can be quite daunting, particularly for a new homeowner.  To reduce the likelihood of expensive fixes in the future spring is a great time to inspect your home in the spring to assess for any potential damage after the winter months.  

To follow are some things to look out for and some tips to take to possibly reduce the likelihood of expensive future repairs.

Check Out Water Drainage

clean water spouts, home maintenance

April showers bring spring flowers, but if you have drainage issues, they may also bring expensive water damage to your home.  Pay attention to the way water runs off your roof, it should flow away from your foundation.  If you notice any issues such as water pooling near your foundation or seeping into your home it is important to address them as soon as you can.  All water spouts should flow water away from your home.

Check Roof and Clean Out Gutters

roof gutters clean

Take a good look at your roof to ensure there isn’t any damage or missing singles that got lifted up by the winds.  In addition, a major cause of improper drainage is a blockage in your eaves troughs or downspouts caused by leaves and other debris.  If you do not clean your gutters water will back up under the shingles and will cause damage to the roof which will ultimately result in water penetration into the inside of your home.  This is a job you can easily do yourself as long as you take the necessary safety precautions.  If your gutters are too high consider hiring a service to clean out your gutters.

Small Repairs Pay Off in the Long Run

If you notice chipped paint, crumbling bricks, and small holes in your siding deal with these as soon as possible.  Making these repairs early on can save you money in the long run plus your home will look newer for a longer time. These jobs can be done by you or a professional depending on your comfort level or expertise.

Pests and Your Windows and Doors

Spring clean windows

When you open up your windows to let the spring breeze in, you may also let in unwanted bugs and or animals if your screens have tears or holes in them.  It is quite easy to repair a screen but it is also quite inexpensive to have a screen replaced.  Keep those pesky bugs and animals out is definitely worth it.
Don’t forget to also inspect the caulking around windows and doors and if cracking re-caulk to ensure the moisture does not enter the home.  Also check the attic for leaks, mold, and moisture intrusion.

Tree Maintenance

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If you have trees or shrubs around your home, make sure that limbs are not rubbing against the exterior of your home and creating damage.  Branches should be kept between 5 – 7 feet away from your home so they don’t result in additional moisture on the roof, brick, or siding which will create damage. Plus rubbing branches on exterior surfaces will definitely result in damage so spring is a great time to trim these branches before there are leaves on them.   Plus cutting back branches is also a good way to keep the critters from scurrying along branches to your roof so they don’t discover a new cozy home in your attic.

HVAC Systems

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Getting your furnace and air conditioner ready for warmer weather is very important.  Cleaning and maintaining your HVAC systems regularly will guarantee greater efficiency and improved indoor air quality.  Here are some tips to maintain your HVAC system healthy and safe:

Taking a little time in the spring to inspect your home and deal with issues early on can make a huge difference in how comfortable your home is and save you on expensive repairs down the road.