Tips on Making Front Door Welcoming

By: Sylvia Smith

Tips on Making Front Door Welcoming


The front entrance to your home makes the first impression, so make it welcoming.  Get inspired to up the game with your home’s curb appeal.  Making your front entrance more inviting doesn’t have to break the bank either and you can definitely have an impact on a budget.

All it takes is little creative juice and Pinterest is a great website to browse through to get some great ideas that you can do yourself.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Keep It Simple

Front door curb appeal to sell a home

You definitely do not have to be extravagant.  It is the simple things that sometimes have the biggest impact.  So keep your décor simple and within your budget.

Start off by giving your front porch a good clean.  Sweep off the porch and welcome mat, wipe down the front door with a soapy wet cloth.  If your welcome mat is looking a little shabby buy yourself a new mat and gives your front door a new fresh coat of paint that will compliment your home’s exterior and give your front door a little pop.

Adding unique accessories to your front entrance will such as a welcome sign, unique flower pots, lantern, etc.  Rustic décor always adds an interesting element. Think about how you could add a unique touch to your front porch to make it even more welcoming.
A chair or two with colorful cushions always provides a sense of comfort and welcome to any porch.

Use Plants to Add Some Color and Natural Beauty

Creating home entrance curb appeal?

Adding flowers creates a connection to your front yard.  So add one or a number of potted plants and/or hanging flowers to your front porch.  Plus they bring natural sweet scents of the flowers as your guests enter your home.

Don’t Forget About Your House Numbers

Appealing and visible house numbers

We quite often do not give much thought to our house numbers as this is how most people will find your home.  The worst thing is for people to not be able to find your home because they can’t see your address. 
Get creative with your house numbers and make sure that they stand out and are visible.

Add Seating to Create a Feeling of Warmth

Front porch seating to create curb appeal

Adding seating to your front porch adds a feeling of warmth and is very inviting to those who visit your home plus there is nothing like sitting on your front porch in the early morning hours sipping your coffee and enjoying hearing the birds chirping in the background.

Sprucing up your front porch is a project that if you spend some time planning and getting your creative juices going can easily be completed in a weekend.  You will be very surprised what a difference your front porch can make in making your home look more appealing and welcoming.