Tips on Designing the Perfect Home Office

By: Sylvia Smith

Tips on Designing the Perfect Home Office



Now that many of us are working from home we are starting to realize how critical having a dedicated space in our homes is for our home office.  Trying to work on our kitchen table, dining room table or worst our bedroom just doesn’t cut it.

You are starting to realize that working in existing living spaces isn’t working out that great?  You are also starting to realize that dedicated working space in your home is the only way that our new reality is going to work. 

Here are some tips on designing a great home office space.


Tips for Designing a Home Office


1. Location, Location, Location

You will be spending quite a bit of time working from home so make sure that the location of your home office is going to work for you.  The key is to separate your working space from your living space and ideally limit distractions or disturbances.  

But don’t stiff yourself on space.  If feasible pick a spot in your home that is away from household traffic and noise.  Ideally, it should be a place that you will enjoy working from. 


2. Don’t  Lose Sight of Functionality over Style


Home office natural light and storage


Yeah sure, you want your home office to feel inviting and welcoming but don’t sacrifice style for needed functionality.  

Consider how you work and your workflow and what layout would work best for you before you start looking at desks, shelves, etc.    But of course, your home office should complement your style and not be solely functional – it shouldn’t feel like an isolated cubicle without character.  

A home office can have appealing furniture and still serve your functional needs.  


3. Comfort is Key – Invest in a Great Chair


Home office comfortable chair


You spend many hours in your home office so investing in a stylish, ergonomically comfortable chair is worth every penny.


4. Decorate your Home Office – Paint Walls in a Colour You Adore

You are going to be spending quite a bit of time in your home office make sure you make it feel welcoming and a place you actually look forward to working in.  That includes painting the walls in a colour that you just absolutely love. 


5. Give Yourself a View – If Possible a Window for Natural Light


home office natural light and welcoming


Position your desk to stare at more than a blank wall (even if it is your favourite colour).  Being near a window would be ideal and will diffuse the glare you’re your computer.  Do you know that natural light does wonders for our creativity?

But if you are in a windowless space make sure you have something pleasant to look at such as a nice picture or position your desk towards the door.  Also, make sure you have good lighting and bring plants into your home office space.


6. Bring a Little Decorating Flare to Your Home Office

Home office accessories and colourful


Decorate your home office with accessories that make your home office feel comfy and welcoming.  Such as a stylish vase and coffee mug, a decorative pencil holder, decorate wastebasket, decorative note pads of planners.  

Hang inspirational prints on the walls, a comfy area rug.  Make it personal so also include photos of your kids and pets.


7. Set Yourself Up to Stay Organized

Home office functionality - filing cabinets, shelves and storage


Think about setting yourself up for success and having an office that has space for storage will increase the odds that your office will not get cluttered and disorganized.

Think about how you can most effectively use the space that you have to keep yourself organized.  Do you prefer a clean desk to work from or do you prefer to keep important papers at your fingertips?  

If you prefer a clean desk make sure you have space to store hanging folders for easy access.  If you prefer to have important paperwork nearby consider getting a nice decorative basket or stacked baskets to neatly organize these documents. 


8. Technology Hacks

Home office - keep cords tidy


Not much you can do to make a computer, phone or printer stylish but you can keep your home office looking organized by hiding the unsightly and messy cords.  

Try to keep your equipment close to outlets so it is easy to unplug.  Holes on the desk make help with this but also try to keep the cords off the floor and organized with possibly tubing or wire organizers.  Encase cords on the desk with a cord cover, a plastic or metal cap may help guide the cords.


The key to making a home workspace work for you is infusing your personal style into your home office.  A little creativity goes a long way in making your office work for you.